Love Your Whole Self
Love Yourself Whole         

Empowered Dreams – Spiritual Awakening Event

Love Your Whole Self – Love Yourself Whole



To restore sovereignty to myself and every individual in the world.

When I look into the faces of people I love, I see joy and ecstasy in their eyes, free and healed from any secrets hidden in their hearts causing them pain.

To see someone in need, feel compassion and see God in them, not judgment.

To help people heal from wounds that are imprisoned within them, and keeping them from living fully.

To help people live their dreams – full out, no holds barred.

To be the person I choose to be, acting consciously in the world.

To live empowered from the inside, out – each moment, fully conscious.

To make a difference in the world, creating a ripple that changes how I feel, think, speak and act with myself and impacts the world.

To expand possibilities in my life and help others do the same.

To honor Mother Earth and do my part to love her - the crystals, water, animals, plants and atmosphere – that I appreciate the peace that I gain from experiencing her beauty.

To build relationships on solid foundations of love, respect, honor and freedom.

To help change awareness, creating parenting paradigms that respect the knowledge toddlers and children have to share about the mysteries of God, our world and the changes to come.

To follow the spiritual path I choose to find God, Source, Ultimate Universe and bring the Unconditional Love into my life in great ways, honoring all ways to love God.

To create a passion-filled career that delights my soul and brings laughter to my life.

To have a healthy relationship with money that is balanced with other parts of my life, knowing I manifest from abundance and state of "being."

To create projects, homes, décor, music, art, sculptures and more with passion reflected through each creation from my heart.

To communicate in healthy ways, making my voice heard on the internet, newsrooms, bedrooms and boardrooms.

To communicate with celestial realms and hear what they have to say to me in clear messages whenever I listen. Evidence of this has been around for ages, but I have to listen and speak to engage and explore what happens during this experience.

To be free to explore whatever I wish to know more about, fully expressing my spiritual gifts, transforming the educational systems and implementing new approaches to learning.

To build and participate in communities that honor my interests, bring joy to my life so I can be in harmony with them, the nation, our global neighbors, the planet and the Universe - all my communities.

To discover truth. To be free from biased-media influence, old paradigms and systems that limit my understanding and try to mold my beliefs. To trust my inner guidance for truth. To use a standard of truth, love and respect to live the freedom that our forefathers gave us. It is a precious gift.

That is my dream. Won’t you join me for this grand adventure?

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