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Dear God

  • 14 Aug 2009 1:26 PM
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    Dear God,

    Please intervene and help us produce the 13 Points of Life Events with grace, ease and success spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Every moment is precious and we know this is a vehicle for mass enlightenment for our siblings – spiritual, genetic or chosen members of our family.

    The health of the planet is affected by each person. If one or two, two hundred, two thousand, two million or even two billion are impacted, there will be peace and harmony in the world. When we heal these fragments, we heal the whole.

    It is our most fervent prayer that you help us gather your children. Help us teach and show by example how to Love Our Whole Selves and Love Our Selves Whole. Our lives make a difference and we desire peace, love and compassion now.

    Love and Light,

    Vicki High

  • 14 Aug 2009 1:27 PM
    Reply # 207114 on 207113
    Our deepest thanks and gratitude go out to those who have signed our Dear God letter and to those who will sign in the future!

    (the signatures below represent those who signed before the creation of our new and improved website - if you'd like to add your signature, simply click the reply button on the Dear God forum topic)

    Trudy W.

    Fervent indeed!  Love Cindy

    Khrymsun P. "This is a wonderful way to spread empowerment throughout the world! I couldn't be happier to be a part of this"

    Ellen G.

    Tina F. "Love and light to both of you. Keep rockin' sisters!"

    Vicki High "I stand in agreement with you"

    Michelle B.

    Elizabeth H. "I am in full support!"

    Scott M.

    Loretta L.

    Christine M. "Thank you for all your prayers"

    Leah L. "Namaste"

    Jennifer L. "LET LOVE RULE!!!"

    Maria L. "I'm right there with you!"

    Tamara E. "What a wonderful intention, thank you"

    Brenda W. "Love and Light!"

    Gail H. "I know this will happen, I can feel it."

    Carol K. "I hold this prayer in the chasm between my hands. All of Creation prays and sings with you on this one!"

    Bonnie P. "Peace on earth, goodwill toward everyone."

    Fay S. "I'm in!"

    Jess D. "I love it!"

    Kevin L. "Let us join as One body, mind, heart and soul. We are the ones making the shift , we are the ones making a difference. Peace out and remember to love."

    Rotha C. "Count me in"

    Melody O.

    Devie D.

    Laura B.

    Monique S.

    Jill L.

    Shannon C.

    Abby H. "I too hold this clear vision and empower your intention with pure, divine energy of the Creator. Shine your light ladies! You magnetically attract to you those in need of and searching for your light and wisdom. :) Can't you see them lining up? They are lining up and making their way to you. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!"

    Kristi R. "I want to do whatever I can to support your dream"

    Ms.Clancy-D. M.

    Tim G. "I support this!"

    Paula B.

    Mariah P. "I just love you ladies and know that you radiate in all points of light. I know you will be blessed in these events."

    Lori M.

    Harry R. "Count me in as one of the many!"

    Katherine S.

    Dorayne B.

    Harriet E.

    Pat J.

    Robin R.

    Kim S. "Vicki and Michelle are two of the most beautiful souls full of Love and Light I know this effort will affect so many in the most Positve way!"

    Val Vincent B. "Dear God Please bless us with your divine nature and balance all detrimental energy's so that they may be beneficial to all of mother earth and benevalent life here on earth. Thank you for these blessings. Amen"

    Khrymsun P.

    Ann M.

    Gina V. "Heal the world one person at a time."

    Shane B.

    Vannessa W.

    Marie G. "I fully support this intention from my heart to yours!"

    Sherri M.

    Bonnie A. "Many thanks for all that you are doing to encourage and up-level the consciousness on our planet.Blessings Be ... namaste"

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